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Most e-commerce websites provide a way for admin to disabled right click on front end side pages. Magento does not provide built in feature to deal with this kind of requirement. To overcome this, we have added “Rightclick Disabled” extension. Magento Rightclick Disabled extension is developed for providing flexibility to admin can disabled right click on front end side pages from admin panel. Our extension does not override any blocks or models to avoid conflict with other thirdparty plugins. It comes with an admin configuration options that can be easily managed through website back end. This can be managed completely via Magento admin.

Key Features:
1. If this module is enabled then right click disabled for site visitors.
2. Purpose of this extension is visitors are not copy content from page using right click functionality.
3. Admin manage Rightclick Disabled module from system configuration.

  • Admin can enabled/disabled extension from admin configuration


Installation & Configuration Steps : You can find in downloaded file.

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