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Most e-commerce websites provide a way for users to submit contact us inquiries form with additional functionality from front end side. For this functionality, we have added “Contact us” extension. Magento2 Contact us extension is developed for providing flexibility to users can submit inquiries from contact us page. It comes with an admin configuration options that can be easily managed through website back end. Our extension provides flexibility for admin to set contact us page. This can be managed completely via Magento2 admin. Separate CSS file is created to allow developers to change the look and feel of this section. CSS edits can be done from “\Gs\Contactus\view\frontend\web\css\ gs_contactus.css”.

Key Features:
1. Users can submit inquiries from front end side and save in admin side grid.
2. Admin can see inquiries from admin panel
3. Admin manage inquiries page from system configuration.
4. All the ‘Inquiry’ will be logged in to the database.
5. Admin screen to manage (View, Add, Edit, Delete, Change Status, Export) the inquiries submitted.
6. Send Auto Responder email to user once inquiry has been submitted.
7. Submitted Inquiry email send to multiple TO, multiple CC and multiple BCC addresses defined by admin within the comma separated manner.
8. Enable / Disable module from system configuration.

  • Admin can enabled/disabled extension from admin configuration.
  • Admin can manage Contact us module from system configuration.


  • Users can submit inquiries from front end side.


Installation & Configuration Steps : You can find in downloaded file.

User Side URL:


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